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MPs deserve their relaxing Christmas holiday, agrees Britain

Members of Parliament fully deserve their extended Christmas holiday because they have done such a marvellous job this year, Britain agrees.

Every person in the country, no matter which side of the Brexit debate they are on, says Parliament has really set the bar at a new high in 2018.

And because so much has been achieved in the past few months, the nation hopes its MPs have a jolly good rest for more than two weeks while the rest of us take two days off.

Parliamentary observer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “We can only hope they return from this extended break on January 7 and find the country is still standing.

“Because, let’s face it, the whole place is in grave danger of going tits up any day now.”

Warehouse worker Steve Walsh, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, said he could only afford to take two days off this Christmas, and hopes the current uncertainty means he still has a job to return to.

He added: “But it fills me with Christmas cheer knowing our local MPs have managed to find time for more than two weeks off.

“At least we all know Parliament will still be there for them when they go back.”

A spokesman for all MPs said: “Look, we haven’t had our finest hour recently, but all those late nights enjoying subsidised booze in the Commons bars takes its toll, so we need a break.

“But don’t worry, this whole Brexit mess will still be there when we get back.”

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