Blonde Essex girl in lather over shampoo gaffe

By Colin Allcabs, Consumer Correspondent

A judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a blonde Essex woman who claimed £400,000 in damages after a misunderstanding over instructions on her shampoo bottle.

Chelsea Gooch, 24, took the “wash, rinse and repeat” wording on her bottle literally – and washed her hair repeatedly for eight hours until the shampoo ran out.

But the marathon shampoo session, which involved nearly 80 washes, caused damage to her hair, ridding it of its natural oils and causing her “untold emotional stress”.


She sued the makers of the Gurnier peach melba shampoo for £400,000, but High Court judge James Landon swiftly granted the request to dismiss the case characterised by Gurnier’s legal team as “a willful misreading” of the product’s instructions designed to support a “wrong-headed attempt to assign culpability” to the manufacturer.

Ms Gooch, who is an executive assistant trainee administrator beauty technician from Witham, has vowed to continue pursuing her case, saying she intends to continue filing her suit “again, again and again” until it is heard by the courts.

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