Thursday, May 30, 2024

Easter Bunny microwave teacher suspended

By Richard Adams

A primary school teacher has been suspended after telling her class you make hot cross buns by putting Easter Rabbits in the microwave.

Youngsters at Little Brimmer Primary School burst into tears when the teacher made her ill-advised joke last week.

And when furious parents complained to the school head, the member of staff was suspended immediately.

A school spokesman said: “We encourage our children to have a sense of humour, but this was simply not funny. We abhor any kind of animal cruelty.

“She told her class that putting rabbits in a microwave would make them hot and very cross, hence hot cross buns.

“Now a formal hearing with the Suffolk education department will determine if and when the teacher, who has been with the school for nine years, can return to work.”

One parent told the Suffolk Gazette: “Olivia came home crying. I thought the caretaker must have accidentally turned the kids blue again, but then she told me about the hot cross buns.

“It has ruined Easter for all of us.”

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