Sunday, June 16, 2024

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British journalists heading for the Channel to film desperate migrants

UK journalists heading to the English Channel to film desperate migrants
Journalists heading for the Channel (Photo: Defence Images under CC BY-SA 2.0)

Britain’s finest reporting teams are pictured heading for the English Channel so they can film the desperate plight of migrants live.

Ghoulish footage of migrants baling out their dinghies to stop sinking off the White Cliffs of Dover is being demanded by editors nationwide.

The BBC and Sky kicked things off, beaming live images of the migrants and narrating their plight much like David Attenborough talking over a lion devouring an antelope.

Now every news outlet is trying to get a piece of the clickbait action and has hired any boat it can find to join the circus.

However, the Suffolk Gazette is resolutely refusing to take part in such disgraceful scenes of journalistic voyeurism.

Managing Editor Lorraine Fisher, 34, explained: “We couldn’t find an effing boat.”

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