Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Brexiteer looking forward to war with ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’

Brexit supporter Steve Walshe says war with France is the only way to sort the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys out, once and for all”.

As the latest dust-up with the French over fishing rights threatens to escalate, Mr Walshe said Britain rules the waves and will stand firm.

“We didn’t win two world wars and bail out the French just to let them dictate to us about scallops.

“Send in the gunboats – it will be like Trafalgar all over again. Tremendous.”

Mr Walshe said France was a “very good reason for leaving Europe, after all” – and that we didn’t vote to leave only to be told we couldn’t catch a scallop.

UK diplomatic expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said the war would be averted because the French ambassador had been summoned by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss for a telling-off.

“We will give the French a severe talking to, and they will shrug their shoulders and flounce off.

“Then everyone will forget about what they were arguing about and we can all concentrate on important things like Halloween.”

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