Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Axed Game of Thrones plot saw Cersei stealing the North’s greyscale vaccine

Queen Cersei greyscale vaccine
Queen Cersei in shock vaccine grab (Photo: HBO)

A storyline involving Queen Cersei grabbing all of the North’s greyscale vaccine for King’s Landing was scrapped for being too implausible, it has emerged.

In the plot, which was originally written for the fourth series, Kings Landing counsellor had been slow to spend their gold on the precious vaccine, which stops citizens from getting the lethal virus.

As people of the Kingdom of the North rejoiced at the fast and successful rollout of their vaccine, King’s Landing was in a mess with hardly anyone getting the jab.

Show insider Lorraine Fisher, 34, revealed: “Queen Cersei was absolutely furious that the North had got their act together first and ordered lots of the vaccine.

“Her own Kingdom was way too slow, wasting precious time arguing about army supplies, shipbuilding and brothels.

“As a result, hardly anyone was got vaccinated in King’s Landing and the natives were beginning to protest.

“So Queen Cersei did what any tyrant would, and blamed the North for doing things correctly – and ordering her army to march north and grab all of its vaccine.

“She also decided to blockade Essos to prevent any further vaccine exports to the North – even though they were contractually obliged to do so.

greyscale in Game of Thrones
A victim of greyscale in Game of Thrones (Photo: HBO)

Greyscale is a deadly virus that affects the patient’s skin before killing them.

It is believe the pandemic swept Westeros after a peasant in Dorne ate a scorpion from a dodgy food market.

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