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Australian batsmen taking no risks at Headingly

An Australian batsman warming up at Headingly

Australia’s cricket team has revealed it will take no chances when facing the fearsome fast bowling from England’s Jofra Archer.

Batsmen will wear full-body armour to protect them from the type of short ball that struck skipper Steve Smith on the neck in the Second Test at Lords. He batted on but missed the final day’s play with delayed concussion.

Analysts say Archer strikes a batsman in the body or head once every ten overs or so.

Luckily, nobody has been seriously hurt but the latest blow to Smith, who has thankfully made a full recovery and might still play in the Headingly Test, has raised concerns over batsman safety.

Cricket Australia has hinted it could make helmet neck guards – the type that would have protected Smith – compulsory next year.

But in the meantime, team bosses are taking no chances with the new-fangled armoured suits.

Cricket Australia spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Our players will now have no fear of being hurt by Jofra Archer and his fiery deliveries.

“However, we have to admit the protection does make it quite difficult for the batsmen to see anything. And running between the wickets is going to be a little slower, too.

“We also hope it doesn’t rain, or the suits will rust.”

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