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Crime sensation: Anita Bush may have been murdered

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

The funeral and cremation of Suffolk Gazette gardening writer Anita Bush was sensationally postponed yesterday under suspicions that she may have been murdered.

A post-mortem examination revealed that as well as copious amounts of gin in her system there were traces of Weedol.

And police were astonished to discover whip marks across her backside which cannot be explained.


Her husband Norbert, 69, told officer he thought the marks were from where she recently fell into a blackberry bush.

Our crime correspondent Hugh Dunnett has had sight of a statement made by a neighbour after Ms Bush was found, believed drowned in the water feature in her garden last week.

Police will be interviewing other neighbors from Stowmarket, Suffolk, friends and relatives and certain Suffolk Gazette readers who had been trolling Ms Bush and making rude jokes about her.

The secret statement was from villager Jennifer Wiggins. It said: “I heard shouting the night before her body was found. I believe Ms Bush was singing Roll Out The Barrel and a man was shouting at her to ‘shut the feck up’.


“People thought Ms Bush was a sweet old gardener but there was another side to her. I once saw her unload some common B & Q lobelias from her Nissan Micra. I told her I was expecting a delivery of more exotic plants from Sarah Raven and she sneered at me.

“A few days later all my posh plants were dead. I know this sounds like a motive for me to kill her but there are dozens of other suspects who wanted rid of her. There were rumours of her husband going out late at night. There are whispers that he is to be questioned.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “We don’t know how you got this statement but we cannot comment. Our inquiries are continuing and if anyone has any information they should contact us.”

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