Wednesday, July 3, 2024

An Apache helicopter really did open fire accidentally in Suffolk

In a curious case of you really couldn’t make it up, an Apache attack helicopter accidentally opened fire at a Suffolk airbase.

Keen readers of the Suffolk Gazette, the nation’s authority on accurate news reporting, will recall a similar incident a few years ago when the county’s police Apache helicopter accidentally launched a missile at a vicarage.

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Our original story by Crime Editor Rob Banks

Now an investigation has been launched after an army Apache fired a round at Wattisham Flying Station, as reported by the BBC.

Army insider Major Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Everyone scoffed when the Suffolk Gazette reported the original story, claiming it was simply made up.

“But this latest incident proves that Apache helicopters do have a tendency to accidentally blow things up.”

It is not known if the police helicopter pilot who accidentally blew up the vicarage in Needham Market had since transferred to the Army.

“Lightening can strike twice,” military observer Steve Walshe. “Or in this case, Sidewinder missiles.”

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