Sunday, June 2, 2024

Weeta-mix-up Amazon laptop

Weeta-mix-up Amazon laptop

An unemployed Suffolk man ordered a swanky laptop from Amazon worth over £500 but only received two boxes of Weetabix cereal.

Brian James, 52 from Worlingham, Suffolk, ordered the hi-tech kit (an Amazon Laptop) as a gift to himself, to enable him to take an online course on the historical connection between Thai sex workers and table tennis.

However, when the Amazon package arrived he was shocked to discover that he had been sent packets of Weetabix cereal, worth only a fraction of what he had spent.

I visited Brian at his home and asked him what happened next.

“Well, the package arrived at 8.45 am and I hadn’t had my breakfast yet, so I ate them.”

You ate them?


All of them?

“No. Only six.”

But weren’t you concerned that you might have to return them?

“A little bit, but I was hungry.”

Brian went on to explain that later that morning, Amazon returned with his laptop. It turned out that the Weetabix had been ordered by a James Brian, 52 from Worlingworth but delivered to him in error.

The delivery driver declined to take back the opened packet of cereal.

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