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Adnams beer duty axed in Budget

By Foo Tse
Economics Correspondent

Adnams beer duty is being axed to save drinkers around 45p per pint, the Suffolk Gazette can reveal.

Small print in Chancellor George Osborne’s budget shows that while he froze duty on beer across the rest of the country, he has actually cut Adnams beer duty to zero.

The move is seen as payback for Suffolk residents who have to put up with rich Conservative supporters from London buying up thousands of second homes across the coastal area.


A treasury spokesman confirmed: “Adnams is brewed in Southwold and is a world-class product, and the people of Suffolk deserve to get it tax free. Cheers!”

Wood burners

Closer examination of the Budget reveals other measures for Suffolk that were not picked up by the national media:

– A 25% tax on trendy wood burners
– A 10% tax hike on shell suits sold in Ipswich
– £105 million extra to pay for interpreters in Ipswich courts
– Greater Anglia keeping the region’s train franchise for another 15 years
– A new lane on the A12 exclusively for London second-home owners driving to Suffolk in their 4x4s
– £40 million to further strengthen the security fencing to keep Norfolk people out of Suffolk

But it was the beer tax which will grab Suffolk residents’ attention. One boozer in The Greyhound, a popular Adnams pub in Ipswich, said: “You could raise the price of Adnams by 45p a pint and we’d still drink it. In fact, some pubs have!”

The Editor of the Suffolk Gazette said he wanted to remind readers that Adnams is his beer of choice, so please remember that when using this link to buy him a beer.

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