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A-Z makes motoring comeback

A-Z makes motoring comeback

ICKLINGHAM, SUFFOLK –  Before the invention of satnav, an A-Z road map was a must-have for all UK motorists. Now dedicated Suffolk teacher, Mary Harper has taken the alphabet motoring back out on the road.

Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

Miss Harper’s unyielding commitment to the cause of education has led her to transform the back of her trusty Honda Element SUV into a mobile alphabet classroom, providing an unconventional opportunity for high-speed language studies.

Driving lessons

Harper’s unique teaching aid comes in the form of alphabet magnets meticulously arranged across the rear of her vehicle. The Honda badge, now serving as the proud representative of the letter ‘H,’ is flanked by an array of magnetic letters populating the tailgate.

The strategically placed license plate, bearing the letters ‘QRTSTUV,’ adds a linguistic challenge to those motorists who enjoy playing the number plate game.

Alphabet motoring

Harper, a year 3 teacher at at Mudflap Primary School in Icklingham. Happily cruises the picturesque lanes of West Suffolk in her mobile alphabet gallery leaving an indelible impression on those trailing her Honda word-wonder.

Commuters and fellow motorists become students in the impromptu language class. Deciphering words and crafting sentences whilst stuck in school-run traffic jams.


Parents of Mudflap Primary students have commended Miss Harper’s innovative approach to education. Lauding her for turning the mundane school run into a grammatical adventure. The children eagerly anticipate the daily challenge of forming new words from the mesmerizing array of letters on their teacher’s car.

With her Honda Element doubling as a mobile classroom. Miss Harper is not just navigating the roads of West Suffolk. She’s steering the people of Icklingham towards a newfound appreciation for the art of language. One magic magnetic letter at a time.

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