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Full fat cream ‘special offer’ at Sainsbury’s

Full fat cream ‘special offer’ at Sainsbury’s

FRUIT AISLE, SAINSBURY’S – In news that would make Alan Carr blush. Sainsbury’s stores across the UK have found themselves embroiled in a scandal of saucy proportions after erecting a suggestive sign of a special offer in the fruit aisle.

With the words “plump, sweet, and begging for cream” boldly hung for all to see. Shoppers have found themselves torn between innocent interpretations and decidedly more lascivious ones.

While some have innocently assumed the message refers to the ripe and succulent strawberries on offer. Others have raised eyebrows at what they perceive as a veiled reference to the taboo gifting of a “Pear Necklace” to a wife by their husband.

Juicy plums

The over-sexualized nature of the message has left many customers feeling hot under the collar. With debates raging in aisles across the country over its intended meaning. While some insist that it’s simply a playful nod to the tantalizingly fresh produce available, others are convinced that there’s a deeper, more salacious subtext at play.

Of course, there are always those who take things a step further. With whispers circulating that the slogan may be a cheeky reference to the sexual preference of rotund pop sensation, Lizzo. However, such theories remain firmly in the minority, dismissed by many as nothing more than wild speculation.

Sainsbury’s special exotic offer

As Sainsbury’s scrambles to address the controversy, shoppers are left to ponder the true meaning behind the scandalous sign. One thing’s for certain: the next time you find yourself perusing the fruit section. You might just find yourself blushing at the thought of plump, sweet strawberries—and the squirt of fresh cream they’re begging for!

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