Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Blondie roundabout rocks Ipswich roads

Blondie roundabout rocks Ipswich roads

The A1214 ring road around Ipswich is hard enough to navigate at the best of times. Now with the completion of the new Blondie roundabout, things have gone from bad to worse.

The Suffolk Gazette had received numerous reports from bewildered drivers concerned at the confusing directions on the signage at the rotunda. Umpteen motorists have told how they have taken wrong turns. Driven around in circles, and ended up going the wrong way because of the unusual and amusing directions.

Blondie Ipswich dates cancelled

Based on the 1978 hit record ‘one way or another’ by iconic, new wave pop group. Blondie, the signpost instructs road-users to drive ‘one way’ ‘or another’ in pursuit of ‘finding and getting’ an unidentified individual. Possibly a love interest. It is not known whether any of the Blondie band members including lead singer, Debbie Harry have ever driven on the A1214.

In other pop/travel news

Aging British soft-rocker, Chris Rea has announced via his Twitter account that he will be driving home for Christmas. Via the newly resurfaced A66 from Darlington to Middlesbrough a.k.a. ‘The road to hell”.

In the US, Talking Heads lead singer, David Byrne is reported to be traveling across America in a 1986 Winnebago motorhome on the road to nowhere. We’ll let you know when he gets there.

Can you name any other classic pop and rock road journeys?

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