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Saudi Arabia to build a 75 mile long skyscraper

Saudi Arabia to build a 75 mile long skyscraper

The 75 mile long skyscraper will have mirror sides that will traverse the desert, mountains and cut all the way to the coast.

This wonderful 75 mile long skyscraper mirror building will cost up to a trillion dollars with a capacity of five million people. The building will be ready by 2030 and will be carbon neutral.

What 75 mile long skyscraper will offer?

Reports say that inside, there will be floating trees, a high-speed train, stadiums, marinas for boats and many other amenities.

This sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

After hearing about this, Stephen King ran into the writers room of Black Mirror and they haven’t slept in 5 days because they are furiously writing the next black mirror episode.

Many don’t know this but architecture was once an Olympic sport. Saudi Arabia would win this competition.

Lorraine fisher – 34

What is a skyscraper?

Imhotep, born in 2650 BC, has the title of being the first recorded architect. He would have definitely been one of the judges at the architect Olympics.

A skyscraper essentially erases the sky by sticking out and blocking it. It’s essentially scraping the sky.

How much 75 mile long skyscraper will cost?

An average skyscraper weighs approximately 222,500 tons and can range from $150 Million to $1Billion to build it. This building will be $1 Trillion.

If King Kong or The Avengers destroy it, then it’s not going to be a great outcome for them to say the least.

Concerns & Questions:

There are many questions concerning the design such as:

“Aren’t birds going to crash into the mirrors?”

“What if I come home drunk and I don’t know what side of the mirror I’m supposed to be on?”

“Wouldn’t the billionaires be inside while the rest of us would be outside?”

“Wouldn’t the sun reflect on the mirror and burn everything around it? It’s in the middle of the desert after all.”

Suffolk to help Saudi Arabia:

Saudi officials consulted with a special architect for this mighty 75 mile long skyscraper.

Suffolk architect Mr. Walsh said he will do the project under one condition: it will be made from Legos and cotton candy for the insulation.

This is the only way the building will be carbon neutral.

Saudi officials thought this was a ridiculous idea but eventually agreed.

Mr. Walsh comes from a long generation of architects.

His father helped build many football stadiums in the UK and Europe.

Going back in his family tree, his other relatives helped build the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, and the skyscrapers in the city of Atlantis

He is the perfect person to help build the mirror line.

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