Gingers warned to stay indoors as Caribbean heatwave hits UK

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Gingers warned to stay indoors

Gingers have been warned to stay indoors as Britain braces itself for a Caribbean heatwave, it has emerged.

Pale-skinned red-heads could fry within minutes as temperatures soar across the UK.

The south-east is expected to be hotter than Barcelona tomorrow as unseasonably warm air is swept up from the Caribbean.

But while most of us will relish the thermometer topping an incredible 15 degrees centigrade, gingers everywhere will be gloomy.

Claus Thomas, of the Institute for Sunshine Dermatology said: “While it’s good news for most, the Caribbean heatwave is jolly bad luck for ginger people.

“They will have to stay indoors, or at least cover up with a coat and a hat should they venture outside.

“The risk will be particularly significant in Scotland, where most people are ginger. The streets will be deserted.”

Ginger-haired Tamsin Jones, 27, of Ipswich, Suffolk, said: “I’m fed up with everyone saying how great the weather will be. I will burn if I step outside for more than 30 seconds.”

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  1. Gini

    February 21, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Ridiculous my son tans what about any pale skinned people god sake not only ginger haired people burn.

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