Sunday, June 2, 2024

Woman’s hoard of random plastic kitchen containers reaches 100

Plastic kitchen containers
Just some of the 100 plastic kitchen containers found in Lorraine’s cupboard

A Suffolk woman was surprised to learn that her kitchen cupboard is now full to bursting with 100 used plastic containers. Some of them even have lids.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, likes to keep hold of the plastic boxes because they will surely come in useful one day.

She’s lived in her Ipswich home for ten years and never re-used one yet.

“I tend to buy more, or get given them. Then all the takeaways come in them.

“Once they have been used, it’s into the cupboard with the rest of them.

“My partner was furious when he opened the cupboard door last night and they all fell out onto the floor.

“He counted them, and there were exactly 100.

“I think that’s quite an achievement.”

But partner Steve Walshe, 43, was less than impressed.

“She goes on about being eco friendly yet has half the world’s plastic stuffed into a cupboard.”

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