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Where’s Marcus? New puzzle for Ipswich fans

Where's Marcus?
Can you find Marcus?

Ipswich Town fans are invited to play a brand new puzzle game called Where’s Marcus?

The exciting new game, developed by the Suffolk Gazette, sees fans trying to spot the owner of their football club.

Despite Ipswich being in freefall, in its worst position for more than 60 years, the club owner is nowhere to be seen.

Can you help out by spotting Marcus in our exclusive Where’s Marcus puzzles?

Wearing his familiar bobble hat and striped shirt, our chum is hidden in a sea of faces. But can you find him?

Play along with some of our puzzle images below….

Puzzle developer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “These are dark days for Ipswich Town fans. Players are in rebellion, getting sent off, have referees squaring up to them, cannot win a football match, have fans protesting and setting fire to the training ground – and have a manager who is seemingly taking the team to oblivion.

“Yet despite it all, Marcus Evans is nowhere to be seen. Any other owner would have sacked his underperforming manager by now – especially as Paul Lambert basically threw Evans under a bus this week.

“So all Ipswich fans want to know now is, where is Marcus?”

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