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When is White Cat Day? implores white cat

Bryan wants to know when White Cat Day is
Bryan wants to know when White Cat Day is

A white cat is furious it is Black Cat Day today – and demands to know when White Cat Day will be held.

Bryan, a white cat from Ipswich, said: “All I’ve heard today is people celebrating Black Cat Day.

“What about white cats? We matter, too. All cats matter.

“People are cooing about black cats’ velvety fur; how they bring good luck and are intelligent.

“Bollocks to that.

“They are smug, self-important tossers who couldn’t care less about white cats like me.”

Bryan has spoken to other cats in his neighbourhood today, and all agree black cats need to be put in their place.

“Let’s just say they shouldn’t go out on their own later on,” Bryan said.

However, cat expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said it was absolutely fine to celebrate black cats.

She said: “They have something of a bad reputation among some people, usually because of some superstition or other.

“But black cats are perfectly harmless – unless you trip over them in the dark.”

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