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Whatever you Sikh, you will find at Singhsbury

Whatever you Sikh, you will find at Singhsbury
Whatever you Sikh, you will find at Singhsbury

Whatever you Sikh, you will find at Singhsbury’s. That’s what Ipswich convenience store owner, Barry Singh tells his ever-growing base of loyal customers looking for a good deal.

Singh (44) has been running the local corner store for eighteen months since the previous owners were shut down following a dispute over their shop name – ‘Arrods – being in breach of copyright. The entrepreneurial businessman claims that any resemblance between his shop name and the famous Sainsbury’s brand is purely coincidental – despite both their logos sharing the same colour and font. “Honest, mate. It was a coincidence. I mean how many colours are there? Red, yellow, blue? Not many innit? So I went with orange. Coiincidence.”

No longer at this Madras

Singhsburry’s owner says that he has received numerous legal-looking letters bearing the original Sainsbury’s logo but has “not had time to open them” yet due to the incredible business his store has been doing. “I ain’t got time innit?” said Mr Singh as he strolled leisurely around his store.

We asked Mr Singh to tell us more about some of his products and why he thinks people are choosing his store over its more famous namesake. “Okay. First, we have fresh produce. All our fruit and veg are totally fresh. I can guarantee that because we get it from Sainsbury’s. One of our best-selling fruits is Gu-rhubarb for the crumbles.”

A bit like

Other top-selling products racing off the shelves of Singhsbury’s include: Punjabiscuits, which are a bit like jammie dodgers but with a mango chutney jam. Guru Nan-Nik-Naks crisps are a take on original Nik-Naks but come in classic Indian flavours such as, Chicken Korma, Cumin & Coriander, and Prawn Vindaloo.

Muslim-ming drinks aimed at fat women from the local Mosque are selling out quickly in preparation for new year’s resolutions and, for mums, Diwali’s Rusks are just the ticket for baby’s feeding time and more affordable than the original Farley’s brand.

Singhsbury’s Marketing

Barry asked the Suffolk Gazette to mention his New Delhi Counter which will be opening in January.

The only downside to shopping at Singhsbury is they do not accept credit cards. You have to pay in Kashmiri

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