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What quirky gift could I buy my friend?

When you have been friends with someone for a long time, you may have spent a number of birthdays and special occasions together. Therefore, some of the more traditional gifts could already have been played out. You might want to find something a little different this year, that they will appreciate, but also not already have a duplicate of.

Rather than buying because you feel compelled to, you could find something for them that could help with their home, or even allow them to make even more great memories with you.

It is likely that, over the course of your friendship, you have taken a number of pictures together. While you might have already put these up on social media, there may be more opportunities where they can be used. 

One such example can be by having a custom photo canvas created by hello canvas, which you can then wrap up to give to your friend. You could choose images that mean something to you both, create a collage of all your favourites, or, if so inclined, even pick some of the less flattering images to create a fun present filled with memories. They could then display this in their home, either on a horizontal surface or on the wall. Due to the range of sizes that these canvasses can come in, you may find it easier to locate a style that is within your price range, and suitable for the size and design of your friend’s home.

When your friend already has a number of physical items, or you aren’t sure what to buy them, you may feel lost for ideas. In this case, it can be good to think about some of their passions, and how these could be turned into a wonderful gift. It is possible to purchase charity gifts in a person’s name, which can really help a good cause. 

For instance, if your friend loves wildlife and animals, you may want to think about adopting an endangered animal for them. While they, sadly, will not be able to bring that animal home with them, they may receive pictures, updates, and even little gifts such as soft toys.

You could use their birthday as an excuse to come up with some new memories together. Buying experience gifts for people is becoming increasingly popular and common. Plus, by purchasing one designed for two people, your friend might take the hint and bring you along with them. These gifts can vary from overnight stays and meals to outdoor activities, driving, or even pamper days. Knowing the different hobbies you and your friend share, you might be able to find an experience that you will both appreciate taking part in together.

Buying something a bit different and quirky doesn’t mean you need to turn to gag gifts. Instead, you may be able to put your friendship at the forefront of your decision and come up with something genuinely heartfelt that they will love.

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