Our psychic dog picks UK general election winner

The Suffolk Gazette’s very own Psychic Dog has carefully selected the winner of the UK general election.

Our chocolate labrador was asked to pick the coloured sock which represented a winner from the main political parties.

And before any readers cry foul and point out that dogs are colour blind, we put each sock next to a photograph of the party leader so the clever pooch would recognise it.

The only possible hitch with our completely scientific experiment was the lack of a SNP sock, so we used a tartan cumerband instead.

Initially the dog, which correctly chose the last general election result by selecting the Green Party (surely some mistake? Ed), headed for one woolen garment but seemed to have second thoughts.

Thankfully, another hound was on hand to offer support, and this time the lab made a beeline for the winning party.

You’ll have to watch the video below for the result. We think Psychic Dog will be on the television election specials with this sort of political analysis.

A political commentator said: “The pollsters are all over the place trying to predict this general election result. Thank God we have the Suffolk Gazette’s Psychic Dog to tell us what is going to happen.”

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  1. Angie June 8, 2017

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