Sunday, June 2, 2024

Uber forces Noddy out of business

Noddy the taxi driver
Television favourite Noddy has applied for bankruptcy after his popular taxi business was crippled by Uber.

The cheerful Noddy spent years ferrying chums around Toyland in his little red and yellow taxi, with his bell end flapping eagerly in the wind.

But the rise of the hi-tech Uber cab service meant even Noddy’s closest pals stopped asking him for a lift.

Noddy, who bought a new taxi on finance two years ago, has now found himself unable to meet the repayments.

His financial advisor, Mr Big Ears told the Suffolk Gazette: “Uber has disrupted the taxi driving model. It’s cheaper and the customer simply uses a phone app to summon a car at a guaranteed fare – all paid for electronically.

“Unfortunately no one wants to use old-fashioned taxi services. First black cab drivers in London were hit, and now rural services like Noddy’s are no longer viable. He is finished.”

Once declared bankrupt, Noddy’s famous car will be sold at auction, with the proceeds going back to the finance company.

Mr Plod will then need to keep a close eye on him in case he falls into a life of crime.

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