Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Top seller costume for Halloween 2022 revealed

Top seller costume for Halloween 2022 revealed

‘Leaky Sue Braverman’ costume for Halloween 2022 has become top seller in the UK.

With Halloween coming up, what better way to scare the shit out of your family, mates, and the general public than to share sensitive national security information with terrorists?

That’s what ‘Leaky’ Sue Braverman, Home Secretary will be doing this 31st October and you can too! Come on pranksters! Play the ultimate terrifying prank by visiting your local joke shop… the one down the high street with all the coloured wigs, facemasks, costumes, and (inexplicably) smoking paraphernalia and air rifles.

Buy the new ‘Leaky Sue’ costume for Halloween (available in all sizes). Dress up like the careless and negligent politician. Who ‘was probed over a national security leak’ after she used her personal email account to spray around sensitive security information to her mates and other accidentally copied-in randoms.


The costume for Halloween, which comes in Tory blue and accentuates one’s ample bosom. Comes complete with your own ghastly private email server, free of restrictions enabling you to send top-secret intelligence documents. To your buddies without following the proper security protocols.

Also included is a gruesome retractable P45 allowing you to return to your previous employment within days of a humiliating resignation.

Tragic costume for Halloween

Completing the set is a handy private jet to Rwanda! Use this to deport those spooky failed asylum seekers and economic migrants. But watch out! Those other dreaded phantoms – the human rights campaigners – will be hiding around every corner, ready to jump out on you and f*ck you up just as you are about to depart!

So, don’t delay. Halloween is just days away! Get down to the joke store before ‘Leaky Sue’ is removed from the shelves… again.

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