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West Suffolk college starts Esports class program

West Suffolk college starts Esports class program

In 2021, the global market size of the eSports industry was an astonishing $1,178 million, which does not include the revenue of correlated segments like paysafecard CSGO gambling, case opening platforms, and similar endeavors.

These numbers only demonstrate that the ever-growing popularity of different eSports leagues and in-game items like skins are changing the way people all over the world interact with iGaming.

The massive numbers of this novelty industry caught the attention of traditional educational entities, which are currently forming eSports professionals and experts.

The World of eSports Goes to College

As one of the UK’s first colleges to offer an eSports-related course, West Suffolk College developed a course called “Managing and Developing Esports,”  a two-year course that grants a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. 

The course is directed to students who enjoy the competitive video gaming industry and demonstrate a genuine interest in progressing to higher education or a profession in the eSports field.

The initiative of West Suffolk College is a fundamental endeavor considering the importance of forming new professionals. During the course, students are exposed to a wide range of topics such as:

  • History of eSports
  • Live stream broadcasting
  • Shoutcasting
  • Video editing
  • Professional producing focused on eSports brands
  • eSports event management
  • Professional management of social media focused on eSports

Since its first edition, the course is publicly endorsed by the British eSports Association. During the outbreak of the pandemic, West Suffolk College continued to hold live stream sessions with prospective students to answer questions about the course. 

Currently, the course is normally available for students, which can contact the institution using its official website.

A Brief Look at the West Suffolk College History & the Entity’s Interest for iGaming

Considered one of the UK’s most accomplished educational institutions focused on Further Education, West Suffolk College offers several courses ranging from vocational and technical courses to apprenticeships. 

The entity also offers several bachelor’s degree courses and higher apprenticeships accredited by the University of East Anglia, a traditional public research university with nothing less than three Nobel laureates among its alumni history. 

Currently, the institution has over 12,000 students enrolled in different educational courses and programs.

Since 2020, the entity has been involved in a series of talks focused on eSports themes. The purpose of these talks is to introduce students to the eSports universe and help them potentially find careers in the segment. 

The endeavor offers students the chance to participate in talks with speakers such as Guild, NUEL, G2, Hitmarker,  and other eSports experts.

According to the eSports course director Benjamin Lewis, the course brought a great impact on the eSports scene at the educational level. Lewis stated that “back when we started, we were literally the pioneers. I think there were about 8 or 9 colleges that were sort of looking at this.”

Why the eSports Industry Needs More Educational Programs?

While the eSports industry is growing massively in recent years, the supply of professionals with the required skills to make it work is experiencing a rising shortage.

This unique industry has been growing steadily and positioning itself as one of the main players in the ranking of the most profitable segments in the global sports and entertainment industry. 

The segment was one of the few that suffered the least from the pandemic, registering a percentual decrease in revenue numbers of only 1.09% in 2020 compared to the previous year, from US$ 957.5 million to US$ 947.1 million. 

Merchandising and professional events make up a good portion of the total revenue generated by the industry. Unlike the world of real-world sports, a considerable share of the revenue obtained from the sale of in-game items is directed to the competitive teams.

Further Education vs. eSports – How a British College is Revolutionizing the Concept

Since 2020, UK-based West Suffolk College offers an educational course focused on eSports called “Managing and Developing Esports.” This novelty had a massive impact on the educational scene, as other institutions also showed interest in adopting a similar approach.

Forming future eSports professionals was never so promising, especially as the audience numbers keep growing globally year after year. Currently, the industry expects to reach 646 million viewers in 2023.

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