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The perks of driving an electric vehicle

The perks of driving an electric vehicle

As technology continues to advance, motorists are now weighing up the decision to move from the more traditional, fuel-consuming cars to the vehicles of the future – electric cars.

As your block slowly starts to fill with more electric cars, and you start see them on the freeway, picking up great speeds yet almost whispering as they are driven, you might be wondering – how do I go about making the switch?

With many people looking into electric car insurance, there are many benefits of owning an electric car, from less fuel consumption to a much safer way of getting to your required destination, as well as the added benefit of trading your old gas car in for an electric one.

So, read on, as we discuss the top perks of driving an electric vehicle in 2022.

1 – Cheaper insurance

One of the perks of an electric car is the premium insurance on offer, as these types of cars tend to be safer, often having spacious interiors without compromising any of the features that a fuel vehicle has.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (HIIS) has frequently sung the praises of how safe electric cars are.

The president of HIIS has said that: “It’s fantastic to see more proof that these vehicles are as safe as or safer than gasoline- and diesel-powered cars… we can now say with confidence that making the US fleet more environmentally friendly doesn’t require any compromises in terms of safety”.

While it might cost more to repair or replace parts for your electric car, the money you save on insurance premiums, due to their safety, can be better spent on maintenance.

2 – Help the fight against climate change

As well as having good insurance options, the switch to electric cars is also helping lower your carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles are better for the environment than their gasoline fuelled counterparts, and often the new models can be fully charged within an hour, saving yourself time and money.

The lower emissions reduce the amount of pollution in your area, not only making your block a more environmentally friendly place to live — benefitting your community — but your car won’t continue to age due to the fewer emissions.

3 – Plenty of choice

The surge of electric vehicles in recent times has meant there are a wide variety of options at your disposal.

Be it a plug-in, hybrid, or fully electric vehicle, there are lots of different models for you to select.

As freeways start to fill up with electric cars you might spot some of the most economic models, including the Škoda Enyaq, Renault Megane E-Tech and Audi E-Tron.


The reality of the situation is that while fuel consumption of standard vehicles is still high, there are plans for a lot of companies to switch to fully electric models.

Plus, with states like California planning to phase out combustion engines by 2035, you may wonder is now the right time to get ahead of the curve and make the switch to an elective vehicle?

And with these top benefits of driving an electric car, there are plenty of reasons to the make change.

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