Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Thomas Cook rescue jets to also send Europeans home after Brexit

The 45 jets chartered by the Government to rescue stranded Thomas Cook customers will also be used to throw Europeans out of Britain after Brexit.

Officials say they have secured a special deal to keep the fleet of planes for an additional month so they can throw all the Europeans out of the country after October 31.

Government Brexit adviser Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “This Thomas Cook collapse is giving us perfect training, except that rather than flying hundreds of thousands into Britain, after Brexit we’ll be sending them the other way.

“We’ve got the 45 jets we secured for repatriation of stranded holidaymakers, and we’re now also putting in a cheeky bid for all of Thomas Cook’s planes as well. They won’t be needing them.

“By the end of next month, we’ll have hundreds of planes.

“Everyone from foreign places, from France to Bulgaria can be bundled on board and sent home unless they have visas to remain.”

Image: Jeff Hitchcock CC BY 2.0

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