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Flying arse plane breaks wind speed record

Flying arse plane breaks wind speed record

SUFFOLK, UK – A huge arse plane has been spotted, traveling at speed across numerous locations in Suffolk.

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Gipping resident Mabel Pingleton, 87, shared her bewildering experience. “I was hanging my laundry when I looked up and saw this enormous, round thing in the sky. I nearly dropped my bloomers! It was the world’s largest bum, speeding past my Honeysuckles.”

Harvest moon

The confusion has reached new heights as numerous reports flooded in from different farming towns in Suffolk.that were carrying out the harvest. Some farmworkers even claimed the airborne buttocks appeared to be moving purposefully as if trying to moon them.

Future of Arse Plane

Local authorities were baffled at first but quickly realized the airborne derriere was, in fact, the Hybrid Air Vehicle. Airlander 10 undergoing test flights. At first glance, the Airlander 10’s bulbous, elongated shape has led many unsuspecting onlookers to mistake it for a giant floating arse. Officials attempted to clear up the confusion with public announcements, but it seems the notion of a giant floating butt went over locals’ heads (boom boom).

Meanwhile, experts have tried to clarify that the Airlander 10 is, in fact, an innovative, eco-friendly aircraft with a multitude of potential applications. The 302ft (92m) long aircraft, which is part plane and part airship and can travel up to 130kph holds the record for ‘the world’s fastest aircraft that looks like an arse’.

Landing gear

Social media has been abuzz with comical photoshopped images, memes, and witty captions, with the Airlander 10 now fondly referred to as the “Asslander.” Even the crew aboard the Arseship couldn’t help but join in on the fun. In an official statement, the Airlander team declared, “We’ve always prided ourselves on being ahead in the world of aviation, but we never imagined we’d become the butt of so many jokes.”

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