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Top 5 universities in the US 2019

Every student is looking for a university that will be the right place, will feel like home and will meet their academic aspirations. So, what are the reasons that push them forward and inspire them to make a choice?

For some of them, it is the brand name that makes students work extra hard only to get enrolled, while others simply choose a curriculum that feels right. Although Harvard and Stanford’s universities still get in the Top 5 for decades now, the effects of modern technology on the study habits of students thesis for relevant research to reveal the answers.

In practice, computer courses online like Khan Academy have popularity and enrollment that can compete with the big names. However, as the times change and there is more digital content involved, the names below are more than just brands as the big picture is in the details like community, campus life, immediate employment, and instruction that cannot be found anywhere else.

Top American universities in 2019

  1. Harvard. Some may think that it is overrated or impossible to get enrolled, but it is not exactly so because this famous university has a definite character of free-thinking. Nevertheless, it does involve many tasks and practical work that leaves very little time for leisure. The key difference is that usual life beyond the campus is not of any difference. It is a culture, a sense of community, and a high set of standards that are expected from all, which is a reason why it differs.
  2. Stanford.  Do you remember Professor Terman who created Silicon Valley? A famous electrical engineer of the Stanford University fame once said that high quality comes first instead of a career and an income. His words speak truth because Stanford has an extensive research foundation in Engineering, Education, and even Business Management where a different academic approach is applied. Still, everything starts with planning and a lengthy list of essays that should be submitted on time. It is crucial to understand the importance of each task because it is already a research project that will be analyzed at the faculty. A solution that works safely is a custom essay writing service where an expert can check for plagiarism even if there is little time left to submit a paper. Regardless if you are stuck with an introduction outline or require dissertation help service, writing assistance online helps to avoid minor mistakes like editing and formatting.
  3. Yale University. Most students of this top school are quite modest because it is not about t-shirts and campus, but tons of hard work and the library researching. As 2019 statistics show, Yale professors create unique assignments that cannot be found online or discussed with the former students. Choosing a good research topic is one of the greatest challenges. There are lectures with the best in the field, laboratory emulation, and voluntary practice, which forces Yale students to seek information everywhere, memorizing every useful source to keep things going!   
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It would not make anyone surprised that MIT always makes it to the top universities in the US because it is a non-stop research project where new students replace the ones who came before them. It is not an exaggeration since it has a unique curriculum based solely on case studies and reflective writing that should be original. It is considered the strictest US school in terms of plagiarism. It is also one of the most famous universities that publish scientific papers on a weekly basis.
  5. Princeton University. It has one of the best alumni networks and a truly relaxed environment, compared to the aforementioned schools. While it is not among the strangest schools in the world, it is famous for its experimentation and futuristic projects.

Always consider asking for help

No matter if it is a digital platform or one of the first universities that make it to the fierce debates, universities 2019 top list still has the names that are known almost to everyone. It also reveals that modern students need innovative methods, lots of writing, and emotional intelligence because success never comes easy.

It may be challenging, take outlines and drafts, yet it is a part of the game. The most important is not to procrastinate when things get confusing and ask for help from the writing experts when one is stuck because if a person always moves forward and learns, no task is too difficult. Yale with its custom curriculum or Princeton with a wizard-like approach, the top schools in the United States are always made of its bright students and each writing assignment that has been completed. Just work hard, plan your tasks, and follow your dreams!

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