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RAF Pilot Refuels Fighter Jet at Brandon Gas Station

RAF Pilot Refuels Fighter Jet at Brandon Gas Station
RAF Pilot Refuels Fighter Jet at Brandon Gas Station

BRANDON, SUFFOLK –  Wing Commander Gregor Iflyovich, an esteemed Polish RAF pilot, refuelled his Tornado fighter jet at a Brandon filling station after an unexpected fuel shortage on his way back to RAF Lakenheath.

By Our Defence Editor: Doug Trench

The mishap began during a routine wargaming exercise over Thetford Forest. Due to a refuelling mistake before takeoff, Iflyovich soon realized, to his horror, that his jet was running dangerously low on fuel. Demonstrating his renowned quick thinking, the experienced pilot diverted his Tornado to the nearest available fuel source: the BP station on London Road in Brandon.

“As I saw ze fuel gauge dipping, I knew I wouldn’t make it back to Lakenheath,” Iflyovich explained with a wry smile. “So, I did what any zenzible pilot would do—headed for ze nearest filling station. Ze lads at ze base won’t let me live ziz down.”

Brandon residents were treated to the unusual sight of a £37 million, state-of-the-art military jet parked next to their everyday vehicles. Filling station manager Carol Jenkins recounted, “Oi was doin’ the maarnin’ shift when this massive fighter jet roared in. Oi thought oi was seeing thangs. Next thing oi knows, the pilot’s aarskin’ if we accepts contaaactless payment for jet fuel!”


With assistance from bemused but cooperative station staff, Iflyovich managed to refuel the Tornado, much to the delight of onlookers who snapped photos and shared the event on social media. The jet, more accustomed to high-speed manoeuvres than navigating petrol pumps, eventually took off again, leaving behind a thrilled crowd, burst eardrums and an empty pump.

Fighter jet refuel stunt

The RAF issued a light-hearted statement acknowledging the incident, praising Iflyovich’s resourcefulness while subtly reminding personnel of the importance of pre-flight checks. “Wing Commander Iflyovich exemplified RAF adaptability in unexpected situations,” it read. “Though unconventional, his actions ensured mission completion and safety.”

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