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10 simple maintenance tips that save costly furnace repairs or replacement

Just like any other machine, a furnace is subject to wear and tear. Ensuring that you service your furnace often helps to slow down the wear and tear process. Thus helping the furnace to last longer. A long-lasting furnace saves you a lot of money in furnace repair costs or the cost of buying and installing a new one.

There are many things that can be done to ensure the furnace operates efficiently and prolong the lifespan of a furnace. The following are the top ten simple maintenance tips that save costly furnace repairs or replacement.

1. Ensure the filter is clean

A furnace filter does the crucial job of filtering incoming air. The filter ensures that no dust or hair particles clog the furnace. The filter accumulates a lot of debris that is trapped in the mesh. This can cause the filter to malfunction as it is hard for air to go through. This places a lot of stress in the filter as well as other mechanisms in the furnace.

Therefore, the filter has to be regularly cleaned to ensure that all the debris has been removed. After the filet is cleaned, air can pass through freely, and the filter is able to clean out the air. This ensures that the furnace works efficiently.

How regular you clean and replace the filter depends on several things. If you live in an environment with a lot of dust, the filter is likely to clog often. Homeowners with pets and dogs need to clean their filters often due to the hairs shed by the animals.

2. Use a programmable thermostat

One of the easiest ways to avoid constant furnace repair is by investing in a programmable thermostat. The thermostat controls when the furnace goes on or off. A programmable thermostat can be set in a schedule to ensure that the furnace is only utilized when needed.

Most programmable thermostats are relatively cheap, and most people can afford them. The thermostat allows one to set the temperature depending on the need. This helps to lower the gas or electric bill since the furnace is left on for lesser hours. Lesser hours of operation mean that the furnace wears lesser and this prolongs its lifespan and lowers furnace repair costs.

3. Ensure all registers are debris-free and open

A furnace functions effectively when it can freely circulate the air around the home. If any of the registers are blocked by debris or a piece of furniture, the furnace may not function well. This can cause lower or unequal distribution of air in the building.

If any of the registers has debris in it, you should clean off the debris and ensure that air flows freely throughout the building. When purchasing a register, you should be careful about buying decorative registers as most of them hinder proper airflow due to their design.

4. Ensure the area surrounding the furnace is clean

Most furnaces are kept in the basement. In most homes, the basement serves as the areas where extra or less useful things are stored. It’s crucial to ensure that there is a space of three to five feet between the furnace and the adjacent things.

This helps to create airflow enabling the furnace to work efficiently. This lowers furnace repairs cost. Keeping the areas around a furnace clean also helps to promote the safety of equipment and any other people in the room.

5. Use curtains in doors and windows

The use of Curtains is a great way of lowering your monthly energy bill. Curtains help to prevent cold air from entering through small openings in the doors and windows. Since less cold air penetrates the building, the furnace doesn’t need to run hot for longer to maintain warmth. Curtains on the south or west-facing windows should be opened during the day to let the warm sunshine in.

6. Ensure regular furnace tune-ups

Ensure that your furnace is inspected and tuned up by a professional annually. This helps in ensuring that the furnace operates at peak efficiency. This reduces regular breakdown and lowers furnace repairs costs.

7. Utilize ceiling fans

Heat naturally rises up; a ceiling fan can help to redistribute warmth in the house. The fan should be on low setting for its efficiency. This works well in rooms with a vaulted ceiling.

8. Used decorative insulation

One of the smartest ways to decorate your home and keep people warm is by using carpet and rugs. Carpets and rugs help to insulate people from cold floors and keeping them warm.

9. Always close the garage door

Ensuring that a garage door is always closed. Closing the garage door helps to lower energy loss.

10. Maintain good humidity levels

A humidifier helps to increase humidity levels. High humidity level helps to transfer heat; therefore, it warms up faster.

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