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The M25 fast lane is now for German cars only

audi and german only car lane for the m25

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Reporter

Only BMWs, Audis and Mercedes are now allowed to use the fast lane of the M25, it has emerged.

Police say drivers of German cars are superior to everyone else and deserve to travel without being hindered by other road users.

Anyone else caught trying to use the ‘Audi Lane’ of London’s orbital motorway will now face an automatic three points and a hefty ban.

Audi driver Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Only yesterday I roared up behind a Renault driver pootling along at a dangerously slow speed of around 70mph.

“I flashed my lights repeatedly and honked my horn. The driver soon saw the error of his ways and got out of the way. He gave me a cheery wave as I sped past.

“These people are a danger to themselves and everyone else. They have two lanes of their own but think they simply own the road.

“I have an Audi for a reason. I am successful. I am better than other car drivers in every way. I am entitled to drive when and where I want, and how I want.”

A motorway police driver said: “You don’t need to use the outside lane unless you drive an expensive German Audi, Mercedes or BMW.

“Leave the fast lane to the experts and everyone will be happy.”

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