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Container ships cut in size to prevent Suez Canal traffic jams

World's smallest container ship
New, smaller container ships will prevent traffic jams

New laws will make huge container ships drastically smaller to prevent a repeat of the hold-ups in the Suez Canal this week.

The Evergreen ran aground in the Suez Canal, blocking it and creating the world’s longest traffic jam. Essential cargo is now being held up for days.

Ships have been getting larger by the year as greedy transport tycoons seek to make bigger profits.

But now maritime officials have had enough.

They are recommending new laws that allow each vessel to carry just one container, like the one pictured above arriving at the Port of Felixstowe this week.

It means ships can pass each other on the Suez Canal without issue and will improve delivery times between Asia and Europe, meaning your new 75-inch television on Amazon will arrive faster.

The chaos in the Suez Canal will never be repeated with smaller container ships
The chaos in the Suez Canal will never be repeated with smaller container ships

Freight logistics expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, explained: “These new boats are ideal for nipping across the oceans and delivering our goods fast and realiably.

“There will be no more hold-ups in the Suez Canal like we have seen this week – you can get 50 of these smaller ships side by side and there would still be enough room for more.”

International Maritime Law Group is now working on making the new ships sizes mandatory, and have indicated shipbuilders should start making more of them now.

“There is an opportunity for shipbuilding industries to make a name for themselves again.”

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