Saturday, June 1, 2024

Sizewell ACDC rocks Suffolk

A major rethink of nuclear power station operations on the Suffolk coast will see four reactors in place: Sizewell A,C,D,C ensuring high voltage electricity supply across the region.

News was greeted with dismay by protestors, who insist the measures are a touch too much, and will turn the A12 into a highway to hell.

But energy bosses insist the work will be done to the highest standard. “There won’t be dirty deeds done dirt cheap,” insisted Mr Bon Scott, spokesman for Australian energy provider EMI. “We’ll start using a load of TNT to clear the areas, then let’s get it up.”

Colonel Reginald Aspall, of Saxmundham, who is leader of the anti-nuclear lobby No Glow, said: “Hells bells. This is the last thing we need in Suffolk. I guess moneytalks.”

The new reactors will bring considerable income to Suffolk, which could put the economy back in black – although there are fears of an invasion of middle-aged, long-haired men in scruffy jeans and leather jackets, riding noisy motorbikes.

Mr Scott said although many people thought A,C,D,C should be retired and consigned to the history books, he was determined to keep on with the plan. “Let there be rock,” he said.

That only served to anger Colonel Aspall, 93, even more. He shouted: “If you want blood, you got it.”

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