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Drowning in Downing St: Rishi announces elections controversy

Rishi announces elections controversy
Rishi announces elections controversy

DOWNING ST, WESTMINSTER – A soaked Rishi Sunak, stunned the nation by calling for a snap general election on July 4, inviting a torrent of controversy from within the ranks of his own party.

Branded by Tory members as the “kamikaze election,” Sunak’s decision has been met with bewilderment and concern, with many questioning the wisdom of a quick poll. One former minister, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the SUFFOLK GAZETTE, “We are not sure who will come out of this with their arse intact.”

However, Sunak’s dramatic announcement was not without its own theatrical flair—or lack thereof. As he addressed the nation amidst a torrential downpour, the stage management left much to be desired. Drenched to the bone and standing in puddles of rain without so much as an umbrella.

Rishi Sunak battled not only the elements but also the cacophony of 90s pop anthem ‘Things Can Only Get better’ blaring in the background—a fittingly ironic soundtrack for a political spectacle gone awry.

Wet Tory

Nevertheless, with the die cast and the campaign officially underway, political parties wasted no time in launching into action. Sunak himself embarked on a whirlwind tour of the UK, hopping from one broadcast studio to another before crisscrossing all four nations in a mere two days, attempting to sway voters with his vision for the future.

Rishi & Elections

Meanwhile, his opponent, Sir Keir Starmer, wasted no time in hitting the election campaign trail, heading to the south east in a bid to wrest control of traditional Conservative strongholds. Speaking to voters, Starmer declared that the country’s fate lies in their hands—a sentiment echoed ad nauseam, as he touted himself as the leader of “A changed Labour party, a changed Labour party, a changed Labour party, etc.” Change the record more like.

As the nation braces itself for five weeks of political warfare, one thing is certain: to win, fishy Rishi will have to put in a campaign performance a lot less wet than the one he gave on the sodden steps of No.10 yestreday. 

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