Sizewell Glow Sticks Ltd posts huge profits

By Colin Allcabs, Consumer Correspondent

Sizewell Glow Sticks Ltd has announced £110,000 profits in its first year of operation.

The business uses secret local resources to make novelty high-visibility bracelets and necklaces at its factory close to the famous Sizewell nuclear power station.

Its glow sticks are said to be brighter and last longer than any other versions currently on the market.

Managing Director Charles Montgomery-Burns welcomed the annual figures.

“Excellent!” he said.

sizewell glow stickRadiating beauty: Sizewell Glow Sticks

One member of the 50-strong Suffolk workforce said while employees were delighted the business was doing so well, there had been a recent unexplained increase in staff sickness.

Local councillors say Suffolk Glow Sticks Ltd is a welcome addition to the local jobs market, which has previously had to rely on the Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station, and some sea fishing.

Meanwhile, a family living in Sizewell has become alarmed by the pet cat’s changing appearance.

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