Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Where’s Knudsen? The new game for Ipswich fans

Ipswich Town fans are playing an exciting new game to try and inject some excitement into a disastrous season. It’s called Where’s Knudsen.

The idea is to freeze-frame footage of any opposition goal and establish where the Ipswich left-back is – because he is never where he’s meant to be.

The photograph above shows centre back Matthew Pennington covering at left-back at QPR last week, exactly where Knudsen should have been.

But the Dane had gone missing, meaning the QPR attacker crossed the ball for the striker scored easily, cementing Town’s place at the bottom of the league.

Do you want to play Where’s Knudsen? See if you can spot him cropping up in all sorts of places where you least expect him. Except the final photo, that is.

Cropping up on the right wing
Where most of his crosses end up
Another royal f*ck up
At last – where Knudsen is meant to be

Ipswich fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I’ve been playing Where’s Knudsen all season. It’s brilliant, he always crops up in the last place you’re expecting him to.”

But Ipswich fans may only have days more to play their favourite new game, because the World Cup star could be heading out of Portman Road in the transfer window.

“We may need to give him very strict instructions about where to stand for the taxi,” a club insider said.

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