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Powdered water to change our lives forever

H2-ooh powdered water

A Suffolk company has launched a brilliant powdered water product that could revolutionise the way we drink.

Instead of lugging heavy bottles of water about, you now only need a small sachet of the special powdered water which weighs hardly anything at all.

Simply add water to the H2-ooh Powder, stir and you’ll enjoy a perfect drink of water every time.


The remarkable invention is the brainchild of snake oil sellers Monty’s Python Liniments Inc, based in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Company boss Monty Burns, 59, said they had already received a bulk order for H2-ooh from Norfolk, and were now looking to expand sales elsewhere.

“It’s very easy to make tasty water every time, simply by adding water to one small sachet of H2-ooh. It has gone down a storm in our test market of Norfolk. They’ll buy anything there.”

H2-ooh comes in packets of ten sachets, each capable of making one litre of water. Each pack of ten costs just £7.99 – much cheaper than bottled water.


“We see this as a great labour-saving invention,” Mr Burns added. “There’s just no need to carry around a bottle of water anymore.”

Monty’s Python Liniments is refusing to say what secret ingredients go in to making H2-ooh.

“It’s a closely-guarded secret,” Mr Burns said. “We don’t want anyone ripping us off.”

H2-ooh is the second exciting invention to come out of Suffolk this summer. Last month we revealed how the HoseAway cordless garden hose, operated by Wifi, was taking the gardening world by storm.

Mr Paul Eaton, of Trading Standards, said he was aware of the new product and would be looking into it.

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