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My neighbour is a nosy cow, complains Suffolk mum

Inquisitive Dorothy (Photo: @St_louis31)

Suffolk mum Lorraine Fisher says she’s had enough of her “nosy cow” of a neighbour.

Ms Fisher, 34, a mother-of-two, complained: “I can’t do anything around the house without Dorothy finding out about it.

“I can be cleaning the bathroom, making dinner or watching TV – and there she is, taking a sneak peek through the windows.

“She is a nosy cow, that’s for sure. I have to keep my windows shut now or it would be Friesian in here.

“I tried complaining to the council about her behaviour but they’re having none of it.”

Council spokesman Steve Walshe said: “I’m afraid Ms Fisher is well-known to us. We’ve got a cattlelog of her complaints from her.

“As for her neighbour Dorothy, she’s milking it.”

The picture of the nosy cow was first published by Twitter user @St-louis31

First appearance of the nosy cow of a neighbour

If you have any udderly ridiculous cow jokes, add them in the comments.

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