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Norwich model new kit on Greater Anglia seat covers

By Casey Jones, Railways Correspondent

Norwich City have revealed they modeled their ugly new kit on Greater Anglia trains’ sickening seat covers.

Brand experts say the idea is clever because Greater Anglia and Norwich share the spotlight as being the two most despised and ridiculed outfits to travel out of Norfolk.


The new Norwich third kit features hideous splashes of green and yellow, seemingly splattered indiscriminately all over the place by a two-year-old with a paint brush.

norwich city kitDisgusting: more turd kit than third kit

But there is method to the madness, with the club linking up cleverly with Greater Anglia, which runs trains from Norwich into London (sometimes).

greater anglia trainLuxury: a Greater Anglia carriage with Norwich City-style seat covers

Football strips from the 1990s that featured ugly splashes have been ridiculed ever since, but Norwich chairman Ed Balls believes he’s on to a winner. However, a sport retail expert said: “We believe that even Norwich fans are not stupid enough to buy this.”

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