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Norfolk woman upset no-one sexually pesters her on LinkedIn

A Norfolk woman was furious last night because no men sent her sexist or suggestive messages on LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals.

Britain was scandalised this week when it was revealed creepy businessmen were sending sexist messages to women with attractive profile photos on the popular site.

Gorgeous, pouting barrister Charlotte Proudman was so cross she exposed her suitor on Twitter, sparking a media maelstrom.

But Edna Spratt, 44, from Dereham in Norfolk, was devastated because no male LinkedIn members paid her any compliments at all.

Ms Spratt, who put her profession down on LinkedIn as ‘Peasant’, said: “Surely some men find my profile photo attractive? My brother certainly does.”

Sad and unloved: Edna Spratt’s profile picture on LinkedIn

Keen-eyed Suffolk Gazette readers will recognise Ms Spratt from our revelation earlier this year that thousands of peasant Norfolk migrants were attempting to cross into Suffolk.

Ms Spratt was pictured in her Dereham hovel, and has since clearly tried to improve her circumstances by joining LinkedIn.

“I thought it was a good way of finding a job,” she told us. “But it turns out there are not many networking opportunities for peasants on LinkedIn.

“Then when I read about this sexy lawyer girl getting propositioned, I thought, ‘Well my luck may be in after all’.

“But I have had no messages of adulation or questions about my underwear. I think I look lovely.”

A LinkedIn insider said: “We take sexism seriously and discourage men from sending such messages to our female customers. But if the women is willing, like Edna clearly is, we will introduce a new system whereby they can opt in for sexist approaches.”

We hope that by publishing this story, Ms Spratt’s inbox may now be filled with sex-starved Norfolk business types looking for love. Maybe she’ll find a use for her favourite carrot after all?

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