Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Norfolk people hoarding lightbulbs in case of power cuts

Norfolk lightbulb madness
Norfolk shopping madness

The residents of Norfolk have been panic buying lightbulbs in case there are power cuts.

Shops across the rural backwater county are running short of bulbs as the hoarding continues.

Electricity sector spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Most of Norfolk isn’t even connected to the grid.

“This probably explains why so many people there don’t quite understand how power cuts work.

“Goodness knows what they’ll do with their cupboards-full of light bulbs.”

Dereham vicar the Rev Evan Elpuss said he had been praying for his flock’s souls.

“This lightbulb panic buying shows many are beyond help. Most of them still use candles anyway as they don’t believe in electickery.”

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