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Norfolk man claims he gets petrol at the same price as last year

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

Norfolk van driver Bubba Spuckler says the soaring price of petrol makes no difference to him – because he puts precisely a tenner in at a time.

Clever Bubba says his cunning technique means he doesn’t struggle with the rising price of petrol.

Bubba Spuckler, out delivering turnips this week
Bubba Spuckler, out delivering turnips this week

“Everyone is moaning about diesel and unleaded going through the roof.

“But every time I go to the garage, I manage to put a tenner’s worth in the tank.

“It was ten pounds last year and it’s still worth ten pounds today.

“Some people just need to use their common sense.”

But Lorraine Fisher, 34, spokesperson for the Petrol Retailers’ Group, said Bubba had not thought his strategy through.

“I like his enthusiasm but in this case, he is making a fuel of himself,” she said.

Bubba, who lives near Downham Market with his sister and their six children, delivers turnips to roadside stalls in his 1984 Bedford van.

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