Work starts on Suffolk border wall to keep out Norfolk migrants

By Doug Trench, Defence Editor

Work has finally begun on building a high-security 12-foot wall along the north Suffolk border to keep out Norfolk migrants.

The multi-million pound project started at Brandon, close to the railway line which marks the border with Suffolk to the south, and Weeting and the rest of Norfolk to the north.


This spot was chosen because the railway crossing, seen in our exclusive photo, will become Checkpoint Barley – the so-called “neutral zone” where Norfolk bumpkins will be allowed into Suffolk, so long as they have the correct papers.

Suffolk authorities had tried to keep the initial building work a secret to prevent unrest north of the border – but one eagle-eyed Suffolk Gazette reader managed to take these pictures and smuggle them to our offices.

suffolk-norfolk-wallKeep out! The wall starts to go up at Brandon, and will stretch across the entire border with Norfolk

The wall is actually wooden in structure, but will have steel plates screwed along the whole length, with razor wire added to the top for good measure.

Our photo shows work on the wooden skeleton is well under way, while one sheet of metal is also in place. A worker has left a ladder where he intends to test out the first razor wire.

Checkpoint Barley is just down the road, and will be heavily guarded once the wall is complete along the whole 80-mile border, which is expected to be in three years.

As previously reported in the Suffolk Gazette, thousands of Norfolk peasants have been trying to move south into Suffolk to escape their hovels, putting incredible pressure on Suffolk resources, and raising fears of inbreeding.

New Suffolk county leader Ronald Trump was elected last year after promising to build the wall, and has now started the work sooner than expected.

A spokesman for his office said: “We can confirm work on the county border wall has started. Soon no-one from Norfolk will get into Suffolk unless we approve it first.

“Of course, people from Suffolk will be free to cross into Norfolk as often as they wish. Perhaps to enjoy a break on the Norfolk Broads, or maybe just to laugh at the weird-looking people there.”

Another photo of the ongoing work shows one of the wall security team busy on his walkie-talkie taking instructions from top brass about suspicious Norfolk people seen nearby.

suffolk-norfolk-wall-againWatchful: A vigilant security guard stays in communication with HQ

Once the wall’s success is proven, Mr Trump wants to work on a similar border wall with Essex to prevent an influx of chavs into Suffolk. It is not thought a wall is needed on the Cambridgeshire border because nobody lives there.

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