Normal for Norfolk as sex with someone outside family unit is banned

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

There was a collective shrug of the shoulders in Norfolk today as new lockdown rules made it illegal for people to have sex with anyone from outside of their family home.

People from the rural county backwater have maintained intimate close to home for hundreds of years.

So new COVID-19 measures designed to limit infection outside of family units will not affect them at all.

Health England official Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Norfolk people have kept it in the family for years.

“We expect the new laws will present no problems there.”

Norfolk man Bubba Spuckler, who lives with his sister and their eight children, said: “Cor, blast me. Yur gettin orn my wick wiv this virus.

“It’s a loada ole squit. I can have jollificeartions with my sis like always.”

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