Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Suffolk now has more garden trampolines than anywhere else

Suffolk now has more garden trampolines than anywhere else

Suffolk has become the garden trampolines capital of Britain, fed-up neighbours have confirmed.

Glorious weather and home-schooling during lockdown have seen sales of garden trampolines bounce through the roof, displacing leafy Surrey as the county with most sales.

Where once there was the sound of birdsong and the occasional lawnmower echoing around Suffolk’s housing estates, now there are rhythmic springs and excited squeals.

“It’s nice that the kids can get out and enjoy the fresh air,” beamed proud mum Lorraine Fisher, 34, as her small son Alfie nearly broke his neck performing a somersault.

However, the exponential growth in garden trampolines ownership has not been appreciated by everyone.

Garden trampolines tensions

Those currently required to work from home have reported that tensions with bouncing neighbours are rising.

Accountant Steve Walshe said: “It’s like some demented Whack-a-Mole from Hell round here at the moment.

“Every hour of every day from 9am through to 5pm, it’s squeak, squeak, squeak; as little tousled heads appear and disappear over our suburban garden fences. Conference calls are a nightmare!”

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