Lockdown helps the environment return Lowestoft to former glory

Photograph of Lowestoft today
Tropical beauty: Photograph of Lowestoft today

The lack of traffic and man-made pollution is having extraordinary benefits for the environment, as this picture of Lowestoft today shows.

As streets remain empty and an eery calm returns, the Suffolk resort’s beach and seawater are slowly returning to their beautiful natural state.

The amazing transformation comes after reports and photographs showed the canals in Venice were becoming clear and you could see to the bottom.

Locals are amazed at how beautiful Lowestoft really is, compared with how it normally looks, below.

Grey: Lowestoft before lockdown transformed it

Environmental expert Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “You might normally expect Lowestoft to have a dull grey sea, concrete monstrosities and overcast skies.

“But a ban on human activity has allowed the town to revert to its natural state, with turquoise blue seas, cobalt blue skies, exquisite sands, tropical palms and more.

“It just goes to show what a mess we normally make of the place.”

Locals are urged not to go out and enjoy the beautiful scenes until the coronavirus lockdown is over.

Town councillor Mark Solomons said: “You’ll just have to trust us that it looks nice.”

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