Heatwave mum fries egg on car

By Gale McCloud, Weather Correspondent

A Suffolk mum says it’s so hot today that she accidentally fried an egg on her car.

Sascha Smith, 32, had just got home from shopping when she tried to put a carton of eggs on her car roof so she could close the boot.


But the carton slipped out of her hand causing one of the free-range eggs to smash over the hot metal of her black Mini.

“It started frying before my eyes,” mum-of-two Sasha said. “I couldn’t believe it. I know it’s really hot today but that was ridiculous. I had to run inside the house and bring out my spatula. By the time I got back it was cooked to perfection.”

fried egg on carIt’s no yolk: Sascha sent us this pic of her fried egg before eating it

Sasha said she scooped up the tasty treat, sunny side up, and added some pepper and chives. “It was a shame to waste it. It was cracking,” she said.


Temperatures in Suffolk soared to a whopping 28 degrees centigrade today, and the heatwave is expected to last well into next week.

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