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Introducing the Never-Ending cordless watering can

The Never Ending cordless bluetooth watering can
The Never Ending cordless Bluetooth watering can

A watering can that never empties of water is set to take British gardens by storm this summer.

The ingenious Never-Ending watering can runs on cordless Bluetooth technology, automatically refilling with water as you use it.

There will be no more trecking to and from the tap to refill your can while you water your beloved plants and shrubs.

Instead, just fill it up once, and away you go.

The watering can refills endlessly thanks to the Bluetooth connection using your WiFI signal and is perfect for anyone searching Amazon for the latest gardening gadgets.

It’s also ideal for any sized garden – or for as long as your WiFi signal stretches.

Manufacturers Water We Do Without You Ltd, of Felixstowe in Suffolk, say the signal might get weaker at the bottom of longer gardens.

Never-Ending watering can

Managing Director Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The Never-Ending watering can will still work right at the bottom of the garden, but it will just take a little longer to refill as you go along.

“Even so, it saves you lots of time because you won’t need to lug the can up and down the garden to your house to refill it.”

Ms Fisher said the cordless Bluetooth watering can, which has a recommended retail price of £19.99, had been years in development.

“We are launching this week, just in time for the spring and summer growing months.

“It’s the new must-have gadget for every keen gardener.”

The Never-Ending can looks like any other watering can from the outside. Made of sturdy green plastic, it has a wide sprinkler head for maximum watering coverage.

Only a hi-tech digital chip in the base of the can distinguishes it from any other.

“It will last for years and work perfectly. There are no batteries, just never-ending water,” explained Ms Fisher.

Search for all the latest gardening gadgets on Amazon.

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