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Hideous Norfolk Halloween mask banned

By Colin Allcabs
Consumer Correspondent

A horrific Halloween mask made in Norfolk has been banned by watchdogs because it is too terrifying for youngsters.

The ghoulish disguise depicts a hideous old woman who has apparently just crawled out of a grave wearing a disgusting yellow and green scarf.

Scary: Norfolk Halloween mask cooked up a storm

A spokesman for Suffolk trading standards said the nightmarish mask, which was made by a sweat shop in Carrow Road, Norwich had been on the shelves of leading supermarkets across the region for only a few days before complaints came flooding in.

“We had a record number of calls. Young children were loving the disguises featuring festering zombies or bloodied chainsaw murderers, but when they saw this mask made in Norfolk they shrieked, burst into tears and hid behind their parents.

“Many concerned shoppers got in touch to say the costume was a step too far, and should be sold under the counter to adults only.

“As a result we demanded the shelves be cleared, and happily the stores have agreed.”

A spokesman for the manufacturers, Delia Smith Enterprises, refused to comment. But an insider told the Suffolk Gazette: “If you think the mask is bad, wait until you see our special 2016 topless calendar.”

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